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Where is my order?



  • David Knowles1010

    Order Ref #1133440
    Part order received (3 times Aloe Vera Gel).
    I ordered and paid for the Mystery Gift.
    Nothing received, Very Dissatisfied and Dissatisfied

    David Knowles
    Mobile (+44) (0) 7808 150 999

  • Kubra

    I orders and didn’t recieve my order. In my mail it says ordered but it didnt. Where is it? 

  • Coralie1401

    J’ai commandé le 27/08 et j’ai reçu mon colis ce vendredi 8/08. J’avais commandé la mousse auto-bronzante + le gant. En ouvrant mon colis, il y avait uniquement le gant ainsi qu’un échantillon d huile pour le corps. Mais pas la mousse que j’ai commandé 🤷‍♀️ 😡

  • Kudikis Riemka i didnt get also my 2 taning creams, wtf????

  • Kimberley Cramp

    I ordered on the 17 Jan 2024. Only received confirmation email to say order received but nothing since. What is happening please? 


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