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What happens if I'm not in when my order arrives?


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  • tina7white

     I  have asked for it to be left with neighbour it’s always been left with her in the past I’m at work so I will never be in if they come I don’t know any delivery company that doesn’t leave a note or the parcel with a nieghbour when they come to my house it’s a complete sham the items was for a friend who went on holiday TODAY  

    That’s why it was important I got it yesterday as it stated it was arriving 

    I’m really not happy about this and neither is my friend 

    Who is this delivery company? They need to train the staff to read instructions or leave cards I’ve wasted most of my afternoon yesterday chasing up the item I still dint know where it is when it’s coming ? 
    I’m stressed out by this all. D it’s a bad star to my friends holiday 

    Thanks a lot GLS  whoever you are you are crap device ! 😡


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